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A metal building is often ideal for the structure you need. But how can you make it 1, 2, or 3-hour fire rated without:

  • Driving up costs?
  • Creating additional structural requirements? Or
  • Affecting the uniform look of your building’s exterior?

With Stuart Berger and Butler®, You Have Options!

For many projects, portions of the exterior walls must be fire rated to meet code requirements. In the past, builders turned to heavy-barrier encasement materials such as concrete and masonry. But those materials – especially in today’s market – are extremely expensive.

Not only that but coordinating and supporting masonry walls – which are inherently inflexible – with a flexible metal-building framing solution such as a Butler® Building creates additional structural requirements that also can be very costly.

We have good news! We offer a variety of options that allow you to meet fire-rated requirements:

  • Without adding special structural requirements
  • While enabling your building’s exterior to maintain a uniform look, and
  • Without the high costs of concrete or masonry

Standard Insulated Metal Panels such as Butler’s Thermawall™ and TextureWall™ - UL fire-rated assemblies or Metl-Span CF can be upgraded to meet 1, 2, and 3-hour fire rated requirements by laminating drywall to the interior face.

And, for a non-drywall solution to meet those same rigorous requirements, we can incorporate Metl-Span Thermalsafe into a Butler Solution.

We’ve used these solutions on a number of projects in the New York area, including The Flagship Restaurant Depot in Hunts Point and the New York Islanders home practice facility in East Meadow.